Set Texts – Compare and Contrast Essay


Compare and contrast : Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight set texts.

 Essay question: Compare and contrast how these TWO set texts challenge the idea of a singular dominant point of view: Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight. Word count: 3,000 words. To support you in providing an excellent essay, you will be provided with (in PDF format): 1. ‘Essay Brief’: it is mandatory you read this essay brief before doing anything else 2. ‘Essay Template’: to be used for your essay 3. ‘OU Database Access Guide’: to be used for Further reading for essay points 4. ‘Joyce and Hughes Essay Example, Author_Kiran Kaur’: provided once a writer has been assigned. This is an example of the student’s tone, style and structuring for a compare and contrast type of essay.

Further Directions

The essay was two marks away from a distinction. This essay is from the student’s degree work from year 2. Please note: the standard of work will need to be higher for this essay which is for year 3, the student’s final year. This work is the property of the author and not to be used for any other purposes other than which it is intended for. You will need to dedicate the following times/days to this essay before you start writing your essay (guestimates): 12 hours = 5.5 x hours for each set texts (there are two (2) set texts) 10 hours = 2.5 x hours for each chapter reading (there are four (4) chapters) 3 hours = 3 x hours for independent study (you will be provided with links for independent study). = 4 – 5 days of work before essay is drafted .

In addition you will need to purchase the two set texts in accordance to the ISBN numbers for the books. These can be purchased from Amazon Prime, next day delivery, costing roughly £12.00 in total. For the chapter readings and database for research, you will be provided with log in details to access PDF files for chapter readings, and links for PDFs for independent study.

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