The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project

The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project: The Movie.”

Writing Assignment 1: “The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project: The Movie.” Please view the following film on the UCLA Ancient Methone Archaeological Project: archaeological-project-themovie, and also read S.P. Morris and J.K. Papadopoulos et al., “ ” Hesperia 89, 2020, pp. 659-753. Prepare a short overview of the material covered. In your overview, please make sure to answer the following questions: i) What are the periods brought to light by the excavations at Methone? ii) What were the field methods used on the project (e.g., excavation, surface survey, geophysical and geomorphological prospection, LiDAR, etc.)? iii) What was important about ancient Methone? iv) Who besieged Methone and brought an end to the settlement; when did this happen, and why? v) What individual find at the site caught your attention the most and why?  Type of paper: MLA ( ) 2 Single spaced Writing from scratch Movie review No specific sources required Subject Other Topic movie review Academic Level . Read the article page 659-753 only and answerE the questions that are stated below based on the movie and the article, and it should be at least 1000 words. Also, Turn it in on Turnitin. Each writing assignment should be around 1,000 word (750-1,200 words or about five pages in length). Please no more than 1,200 words. Please upload your writing assignments to TurnItIn on the course website. TurnItIn only permits one upload, so please make sure to upload your final paper.

Ancient Methone (Pieria) was a major port in northern Greece from the 1st millennium. Until Philip II of Macedon destroyed the city in 35a. Excavations carried out since 2003 by the Greek Archaeological Service have unearthed Bronze Age burials, important Early Iron Age deposits and inscrip-tions, and direct evidence of the Macedonian siege, destruction, and aftermath, thereby extending the history of the settlement from the Late Neolithic period past the 4th century. In 2012 an international team joined the Ephorate of Antiquities of Pieria to study and publish these discoveries, and as the Ancient Methone Archaeological Project, launched a fresh phase of multidisciplinary eldwork from 2014 to 2017


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