The Examination of Labor Unions- Descriptive Essay


The Examination of Labor Unions

 The examination of labor unions you must include. The culminating task will be between 5-6 pages in length, double spaced, and font size 12. 1) Revised/edited research question, based upon feedback from original assignment (0.5-1 pages) 2) Proposed (theoretical) methodology. Here you will explain how you would in theory conduct this research. Firstly would you create a survey?. Secondly would you use primary or secondary research?. Thirdly would you interview participants?. There is no “wrong” answer here. Therefore choose a proposed, theoretical methodology and  then explain WHY you think this would be the best course of action  if you were to carry out your research. (2-3 pages) 3). A section outlining a theoretical timeline: In addition how long would this research take?. Consequently would it be a month-long project, multi-year and so forth?.

Further Description

Again, this choice is yours, just be sure to explain and justify your answer. (Approx. 1 page) 4. A section outlining the theoretical barriers to your research. These might include time, cost, access to participants and so forth. Therefore explain your answer fully here. (Approx. 1 page) USE THESE FIVE SCHOLARS Annotated Bibliography: Firstly Felice Martinello, & Ronald Meng. (1992). Secondly effects of Labor Legislation and Industry Characteristics on Union Coverage in Canada. Thirdly industrial & Labor Relations Review, 46(1), 176–190. Godard, J. (2013). In addition labor law and union recognition in Canada: a historical-institutionalist perspective. Queen’s Law Journal, 38(2), 391– Lynk, M. (2000).

Union democracy and the law in Canada. Journal of Labor Research, 21(1), 37–63. Michele Campolieti, Chris Riddell, & Sara Slinn. (2007). Labor Law Reform and the Role of Delay in Union Organizing: Empirical Evidence from Canada. Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 61(1), 32–58 Savage, L. (2007). Disorganized Labour: Canadian Unions and the Constitution Act. International journal of Canadian studies, 36, 145–.

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