Tuberculosis Diagnosis – Laboratory Methods

Laboratory methods used for the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

For the assigned disease (tuberculosis) you must discuss laboratory methods used for diagnosis.  Firstly, evaluate the current method(s) in use in microbiology pathology laboratories, clearly describing the method(s). Secondly,  identify strengths and weaknesses. Then, highlight recent advances that will be implemented or likely to be used in the future. Source information mainly from primary literature. Lastly,  cite references  in the text and use Harvard referencing style. Use 12 point Ariel font. •

Laboratory methods used to diagnose tuberculosis

Descriptions of conventional laboratory tuberculosis diagnosis. Clearly describe convectional/ current tests used  for the given disease (tuberculosis). Clear written descriptions of recent advances in laboratory diagnosis of the disease

Tuberculosis is an infection resulting from bacteria. infected person

. Clearly described recent advances in laboratory diagnostic methods for the given disease.  Describe the quality control/assurance Quality control and assurance procedures. For the procedures used to diagnose tuberculosis disease .Also, evaluate the strengths and weakness of conventional and new technologies.  Critically review the advantages and disadvantages of the tests discussed. Lastly,  Provide arguments for and against why these tests are  in  use in the pathology laboratory. Also, include why advanced methods should be implemented. I need 550 to 700 words

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