State Becoming Obsolete- 21st Century

Will the 21st century see the state becoming obsolete?

 Assignment ; Some questions to consider. To begin with will the 21st century see the state becoming obsolete?. Firstly what is the state?. Remember… “the state is an essentially contested concept . Additionally what critiques of the state?. Secondly what does a world where the state becomes obsolete look like?.  Essay structure: Introduction   – Provide context and any relevant information for your analysis. Thirdly define all important terms and use those terms consistently . Consequently clearly give your central point (thesis statement). In addition explain what evidence  Body Paragraphs. This is where you conduct the evidence and analysis to support your thesis. Divide your argument in parts. Additionally use logical flows in your arguments . Your body paragraphs should have a similar structure to one another

Conclusion   – Summarize your argument and main points of evidence. Restate your thesis   – What is the significance of your argument. Make larger connects . Never introduce new evidence or material in your conclusion that is not referenced somewhere else in your essay. The following are some sources that I already have. It would be great if you could use 3-4 of them. Whichever apply best to your arguments. Maus, Ingeborg.  From Nation‐State to Global   countries, or the Decline of Democracy.” Constellations (Oxford, England) 13.4 . December 2006): 466-484. Suter, Keith. “

The Future of the Nation-state in an Era of Globalization. Medicine, Conflict, and Survival 24.3 (July 15, 2008). 201-208. Dasgupta, Rana. “The demise of the nation state.” The Guardian, April 5, 2018. Kissinger, Henry. World Order. New York: Penguin, 2014. Print Gusterson, Hugh. “From Brexit to Trump: Anthropology and the Rise of Nationalist Populism. American Ethnologist 44.2 (May, 2017): 209-204.  Krasner, Stephen D. Power. The State, and Sovereignty. Florence: Routledge, 2009. Web.

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